23 October 2006

Can anybody find the video for this?

Speech by a Murderer

I saw a video segment about this guy's speech on Lexington's local news and have been looking for either a video or transcript of it. This channel claims to have it but when I click thru I get a neighborhood watch bit.

The whole thing looks interesting and I really want to see if he talks about confessing and recanting in order to get rid of his PD.


Michael D. Pratt said...

A friend of mine has a copy of the statement. He's suppose to fax it to me, when I get it, I'll email you.

Ken Lammers said...

Thanx. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Michael D. Pratt said...

Ken, you get the fax?

Ken Lammers said...

Yes, I got it. I'm going to try to find time to type it in this weekend. Where do these people come from?