18 October 2006

"Convicted murderer Robert Wayne Holsey either has a sophisticated vocabulary and an adequate IQ or a record of school failure and a drunk lawyer who failed to point out his client's deficiencies when Holsey was on trial for his life."

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lostlove said...

dont cry for a killer...instead save your cares for both his family who must live with what he did and be seperated from him and for the family of the man he shot, a family who misses him deeply and sleeps each night with emptiness, anger, frustration, and hearts desperately trying to forgive, but unable to come to terms with the loss.
Holsey may not be a rocket scientist, but he knows right from wrong. Read one of his little poems or his letter request for a penpal. He may not be articulate, but he can formulate thought. He knew Will, he knew the consequences and he made the choice to rob a store and kill the man who stood between him and freedom.