27 October 2006

Is just being ‘Snoop Dogg’ enough to give police probable cause to search?

There is a gap in this story about why the police searched the Rapper. Police initially approached him about a parking violation and then the story says, ‘"An investigation revealed him to be in possession of marijuana and a firearm.” What? I suspect this ‘revelation’ had to do with a search initiated on the grounds that he is a known pot user and glorifies it.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the answer to your question is "No." What's likely missing from the news story are the events where Snoop Dogg was far less than cooperative with the police, giving them probable cause to arrest him and search his vehicle. And really, would you be surprised that Snoop Dogg wouldn't be at all cooperative with the police?

--Bill Logan

Daniel said...

I don’t think the answer is so obvious. It’s just as likely that Snoop Dogg was searched because the police recognized him as it is he was uncooperative with police. It’s dangerous to make assumptions about a public figure. You assume a likelihood of Snoop Dogg being uncooperative, that may be the same negative perception the police had.