19 November 2006

The Big Game

Okay, so we all watched the Ohio State - Michigan game. My three comments: (1) Great game. (2) Either one of those teams would destroy a badly over-ranked USC (USC is always over-ranked). (3) Neither of those teams would have been undefeated if they had been in the SEC. They each shredded the other's vaunted defense and that would have happened much sooner if they'd been playing the likes of LSU, Florida, Arkansas, Auburn, etc.

Who gets the championship game? We've seen who wins between OSU and Michigan so another team should get its shot. It should probably either be Florida or Arkansas (depending on who wins the championship). However, I predict it will be USC. This is a mistake. I'm not sure an SEC team in a single game can beat OSU, but I'm certain that OSU will manhandle USC.

Oh well, the basketball has started so we UK fans are starting to wander away from that game which fills time until the real season starts anyway.

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