06 November 2006

City Cop cars equipped with GPS

I hope other states will follow suite. I know in West Virginia, the state troopers do at least 100 mph on the interstates – now, the rest of us do 85-90, but still, isn’t it the job of the police to slow us down? “Wild and Wonderful” I guess.

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Anonymous said...

In another life as security guard, I loved working at places with "punch clocks" devices that show where I was at a certian time. I carried a clock, about the size of a 4 inch thick dessert plate. At certian points on the property, there were keys, attached to a wall or post. Put the key in the clock, it punches the paper record in the clock with the time you were at the key. You could show where you were and when, which means that you could prove you were doing your job, no matter what happened on the property during your shift. GPS does the same for officers: only the ones not doing what they are supposed to do should worry.