06 November 2006

Defendant's Final Statement

A while back I saw part of this guy's statement on TV when I was back in the Lexington, Kentucky area for homecoming (Centre). I asked if anybody had a copy and lo and behold, Michael Pratt came through.

Meece, convicted of killing a family of three (Husband, Wife & Son) had previously confessed to the murders. However, he recanted for these reasons given: "so he could delay his capital murder trial. Meece also claims he was disappointed by the lack of preparation by his attorney." As well, "he'd had a conflict with one of his court-appointed attorneys and thought pleading guilty and then taking back the plea was the only way to get new lawyers and a fair trial." The confessions were admitted at trial and they were damning.

Statement Before Sentencing

My name is William Henry Mece, and I am the defendant. I am here to be final sentenced on this illegal and unconstitutional conviction. I intend to appeal and I have instructed the Court's appointed attorneys to do so. If we are in fact a nation of laws, where the rule of law applies to all, then this conviction will not stand.

All I ever asked for, pleaded for, demanded and expected was and is a fair trial under the laws and Constitution of this Commonwealth and these United States of America. It is that Constitution of the United States of America that every soldier, sailor, airman and marine, past present and future, is sworn to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Such a lawful, constitutional fair trial was and is apparently beyond the capacity of the Commonwealth, its Attorney, its department of Public Advocacy, and this Court.

I stand convicted based on the coerced and involuntary statements made as part and parcel of what this Court recognized as an involuntary and coerced plea; lies of my own telling, proven tobe lies. There exists no credible testimony, no credible physical evidence, and not a single eyewitness {the can or did} say I did this, had anything to do with this, or was within 100 miles of these murders. Therefore this conviction can only be based upon my own lies, wrongfully admitted by this Court in order to get a conviction, not under the laws of this State and Nation, but by any means necessary. In doing so, this Court follows in the best traditions of the "legal" systems of Nazi Germany, Communist China, and Soviet Russia, where I would have gotten to see and hear all the evidence against me, which I have not in this case.

The Court relied on the case of U.S. vs. Marks, 209 F3d 577 to allow those statements to be heard by a jury. In that case the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals allowed post plea statements to the police because those statements were not to the attorney for the prosecution and therefore were not forbidden by law. This is not the case here where the statements used were made to Commonwealth Brian Wright on 15 Nov 04 and 15 Dec 04 as part of and required by the written plea agreement. That plea had not been finalized, as this Court made clear on15Nov04 when it reserved the right to reject the plea under R.Cr. 8.10. Mr. Wright recognized it on 15 Nov 04 as well on the record in asking to keep the record sealed.

The true case precedent should be and is Roberts vs. Commonwealth, Ky, 896 SW2d 4 (1995), as I brought to the attention of the Court's appointed attorneys before trial. In that case, the Kentucky Supreme Court, this states "highest" court, held that although the defendant did not keep his part of a "plea bargain" - just as I did - the statments he made as part of that plea agreement are not admissable at a subsequent trial. He, too, lied to the Commonwealth and the police, as they lie to us. KRE 410 and Roberts are the law as I stand here today.

All I ever wanted and expected and worked for was a fair trial under the law, applied equally to the State and the defendant. I expected too much, where the Commonwealth Attorney has not been held to the rule of law, including KRE 410, the rules of discovery, and this Court allowed him to present what he knew were material and false evidence and flagrantly lie to this Court, the defense, and the jury and this Court refused to correct it.

I bemoan the loss of the American ideal of a fair trial under the law if this conviction stands, if it ever existed. It will have ceased to exist for my children and their children, the Constitution rendered moot, outdated, and antiquated, except as propaganda. We have come much further down the road to a police state than even I feared or anyone not on trial and caught up by the system would ever expect or believe. Long Live the King, His Gentry, and His Courts. I can only hope the higher courts prove me wrong.

No less than 108 people have been from Death Row, not on technicality but on the physical evidence, having been convicted and sentenced by Courts in proceedings just like this one. I am not the first wrongfully convicted and I will not be the last. Unfortunately the evidence in this case does not and can not prove my innocence, it can only not prove me guilty.

Throughout this trial, the prosecutor was permitted to put my religious faith on trial and claim I was some sort of occultist pagan witch. Not even my ex-wife and all her lies supported such prejudicial nonsense. By making it an issue, the State put into evidence my Jewish faith. I am proud to be a Jew, as my ex-wife and my children were and may still be. To understand what that means, one only has to look to the Old Testament of the Christian Bible and these words credited to Jesus Christ founded there, written in red, I would point out that Numbers 35:30 in a modern translation of the original Hebrew says:

"Whenever someone kills a person the evidence of witnesses is required for the execution of the murderer. The evidence of a single witness is not sufficient for putting a person to death."

So says the law older than Western Civilization itself.

The stands no second witness in this case, only the desperate coerced lies of a defendant forced to say what the State wanted to hear to fight in vain for a fair trial under the law. There is no one who said or can say they saw me kill the Wellnitz family or that I was there. I didn't and I wasn't. Not my lying vengeful ex-wife who wanted and got me out of her life, not my co-defendant who risked her life to come forward to finally tell the truth.

I stand before the Court for sentencing. This Court has the power to condemn me to die in the State's prisons, be it a death sentence in the 9 to 15 years the appeals take if not overturned, or under a Life Sentence. Parole is not, and has never been, a realistic possibility. The Court rejected the Commonwealth's first offer of 50 years on the false possibility of of parole after 12 years, and yet stands today possibly prepared to sentence me to those same 12 years before I die.

May the One True G-d, called Our Father in Heaven by the Jewish Carpenter Jesus, have mercy and find forgiveness for the police, Mr. Wright, those witnesses who testified falsely with the best intentions against me, and this Court. May no man suffer ill on my account.

Shima Yisrael: Adonai Eloheimu Adonai Achod. Roruch Shem K'uod valchutoh l'olam va-ed. Amen.

Hear O Israel: The Lord is Our God, the Lord is One. Blessed is His Glorious Kingdom forever and ever. Amen

That is all I have to say.

The section between the {} I couldn't make out.


The Stepfather of Soul said...

What's truly nuts is that Meece's girlfriend (whose parents and brother were killed and who was a conspirator) went to high school with me and we were on quiz bowl together!

Michae Pratt said...

Hopefully we've heard the last of Meece. His personality is scary, at the time he was arrested for this murder, he was serving time for a murder for hire scheme in Lexington. Scuttlebutt is that he's being looked at for some other murders that are unsolved. I've herad remarked by those in the know that he may very well be a serial killer who he haven't connected the dots for yet.