02 November 2006

Kansas AG reviewing records of abortion clinic for evidence of possible crimes

The motivation seems to be that if you dig deep enough into abortion records, there’s going to be something illegal going on. Hopefully this is not the case and the AG has some hard evidence of these ‘possible crimes,’ otherwise this is an obvious ploy to target abortion clinics and hype up the base in a close election.


Anonymous said...

Al said

Your statement that "this is an obvious ploy to target abortion clinics and hype up the base in a close election" is [] factually inaccurate.

According to the article, "Shawnee County District Judge Richard Anderson subpoenaed the records at Kline's request IN SEPTEMBER 2004." The judge also "conclud[ed] there was probable cause to believe they contained evidence of crimes." Moreover, the article states that it is the democratic OPPONENT tht is making this an issue. "Morrison has made Kline's pursuit of the records a key issue in his campaign, even suggesting the efforts are an abuse of power."

Ken Lammers said...

Not a political blog ya'll. Remember the three rules here are

1. No politics
2. Civlity
3. No politics

Now, obviously we cannot, as we discuss the law avoid politics 100%, but this is not a place for going back and forth about political campaigns.

Anonymous said...

i have no interest in the AG race in Kansas - i posted the article because it was an interesting legal question about an official going for abortion records - i took no position and qualified my statement with "HOPEFULLY THIS IS NOT THE CASE..OTHERWISE" - please read both clauses of my sentence