12 January 2011

No, We Ain't

A few months ago, a local judge started adding conditions when sentencing a defendant that require the defendant, while on probation, to only use one local pharmacy and only go to one doctor (except in emergency or if referred). This was in reaction to the fact that our major drug problem is prescription drugs. Seeing a good idea, I did what any good lawyer does, I plagiarized it was inspired by it. I added my own version of the same requirements to my plea agreements.

I'm sitting in court and have given a copy of the plea offer to the defense attorney. We'd already hashed out all the major conditions, but the defense attorney is sitting 5 feet from me going over the minutiae in the agreement with his client. I'm doing something else, and really had no interest in hearing their conversation, but suddenly I hear the following exchange:
Defendant: "One doctor and one pharmacist?"

Attorney: "Yeah, they're putting that in all their plea agreements 'cuz of the pills."

Defendant (with wonderment in his voice): "They're just not gonna let us get away with anything anymore, are they?"


Anonymous said...

whatever that badge thingy may be, it is blocking a part of the post. I think it is supposed to be smaller and may be in a different browser but in firefox it is too big.

Unknown said...

Certainly understand that, but boy, my medical plan doesn't require a referal, but I see on a regular basis

1)My GP (who gives me MOST of my scripts)
2)Psycologist (no scripts - duh)
3)Endocrinologist (diabetes releated scripts)
4)Wound Care Doc (wound care scripts - and has written pain killers, but we've moved those to the GP - still working on my 16 month old script on that )
and occsionally the

Urologist (kidney stones)

Ken Lammers said...


Actually, I modified my agreement so that it does not require a referral. Mine just requires that one doctor have a record of all meds. This should be happening anyway since everyone should keep all their doctors informed of meds they are taking so that no conflicting meds are given.

Unknown said...

Oh, you totally have to have one prime MD who gets all reports, knows about (and approves of) all scripts etc