08 June 2011

CrimLaw News Wednesday

1) If you mandate that the laws get lenient, police may arrest people before the law changes.

2) Japan has discovered a shocking thing: there's more crime in cities than in rural areas and criminals take advantage of situations.

3) Y'know, having spent 6 months there once, I can say that I don't think Sharm El-Sheik would be a bad place to wait for trial.

4) Peeping up skirts via a see-through stairway in an Ohio courthouse.

5) The Global Commission on Drug Policy says to legalize it all. Because that's worked so well with oxycontin, hydrocodone, subutex, xanax . . .

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I am very intrigued about a question related to the NY Strauss-Khan case. Police confiscated the man's phones and computer when he was arrested. His lawyer says messages left on these gadgets may contain sensitive information related to his defense, so he asks that prosecutors be barred from knowing what the messages say. What are the rules? Can the police go through his messages and then decide who has access? Who decides if prosecutors get access to the messages? What if the messages contain an indication of his guilt?

Thanks in advance for any info,