27 June 2011

Opposite Sides of the Illegal Pill Trade

A local jurisdiction did a drug round up and a local internet site listed all the arrestees. These comments following the list illustrate the "fix the problem but don't punish my family member" outcry we often hear and the "they are destroying the community, get rid of them" we hear even more often.

My dad is one of these guys. I'm 15 and I don't understand why they do these things. I do know that I have a GREAT father. He just needs some help. I love him and miss very much. I know that jail isn't the right place for him. He needs to be in rehab or something. He has 3 daughters and would do ANYTHING for them that he possibly could. If anyone has anything about these people, walk a mile in their shoes before you judge them.
Okay, So I'm just like a daughter to one of these guys listed above, I'm 16, and his daughter is just like my sister. I'll NEVER understand why he's on drugs, He has 3 girls, and me to raise, He's a GREAT guy, and I know this isn't the place for him, He doesn't deserve to be put in jail. They are addicts, and most of the reason they are addicted is because all the stupid doctors around here, give them the pills to get addicted to.
Punish Them
You got to understand they are DISABLED so that gives them a excuse to sell pills because they can't do anything else but they can work so hard stealing copper, fishing, hunting, going to all the parties, getting drunk, and four wheeling, but now remember I cant work. So let me go to the pharmacy and get my pills for a dollar because I'm DISABLED while everyone else that works hard everyday and all the coal miners that have worked 30 plus years underground and are still going everyday have to pay full price such as 50 and 60 dollars but me i get them for the wonderful price of one dollar so I can turn around an sell them and then when the Law Enforcement works so hard to catch me I'm going to get slapped on the hand and told not to do it anymore and I'll promise I'm straight and I won't ever do anything like that again but as soon as I get out the doctor is going to write me another prescription and whoooo hoooo time to make more money and people can get on the internet and say he just made a mistake.

What a joke. I hope they all rot in jail. Jail is were they should stay. wake up people your county is going to H3LL !!!!!

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