13 June 2011

What People Think of Us

I was bouncing around a few internet bulletin boards reading the local gossip (a guilty pleasure) and I ran across these wonderful words describing how people perceive attorneys:

Post One -
"Lawyers are no good. They are why the Nation is in the shape that it is in. I have watched how they treat people in court. They defend the worthless and it doesnt matter who the victim is they will go down fighting for people who have raped sold drugs and have killed. Theres no honor in how they treat the victims of crimes. The good olboy system, all the Attorney's get in the back room and make deals. It is actually pretty crappy. I have heard some say if that individual stole my stuff they need to be hung. I guess its ok they steal the average Joe's stuff. Dump A-- should not have left it out. Lawyers are worthless."

Post Two -
"Don't think they [attorneys] are on drugs but they are responible for alot of crimes going unreported because people know how they will be treated in the courts by the Attorney's and Judges who are Attorney's. A convicted felons word will be take over a law abiding citizen or police officer. I got a speeding ticket and had to be in court and the Judge talked to this guy like he was a dog because he was upset that the case was being put off again and he was trying to explain that he had a family to support and needed to work and that he had already missed three days work to testify in a case where his house had been broken into. This is how the system treats the people for being honest and law abiding. Its all ok the Judge got paid over $100,000.00 a year and the Attorney will get paid by the tax payer merry christmas."

Good to feel so loved . . .

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Alessandra said...

I think that it is quite hard for lawyers who know the justice system inside out and know how to work it can even begin to understand how scary all the malfunctions of this same system are to people who are not privileged and at the mercy of any corrupt, unprofessional, or unethical move by lawyers (or anyone else in the justice system).

Not to mention that when the issue is very serious, it's people's lives that are in jeopardy or it's the neglected victims that get kicked once again in the stomach because of yet another unjust outcome.

And, yes, it's quite frustrating for people who kill themselves working honestly to see a lawyer earn millions through a questionable, but still legal maneuver in a case. Or a murderer, rapist, drug dealer, child abuser get off scott free because he can afford a good lawyer, only to victimize more people later.

However, I think the lawyer class, like any other, comprises the good, the bad, and the ugly.

On a related note, I believe it would be a lot better if education about how the justice system works in practice could start in the first year of high school and last 3 years. The public needs to be much better educated about it.