28 December 2003

Death - The Green River Killer:

(1) The prosecutor's office is being challenged in lesser cases wherein it chose to ask for the death penalty because of the fundamental unfairness of letting the Green River serial murderer live while trying to kill someone else for a single murder.

This is interesting:
King County prosecutors responded with their own motion Friday and said the Ridgway decision has little bearing on the Champion case. They argued the Superior Court does not have the legal authority to address the fairness issue. It should be a matter for the state Supreme Court to decide, they said.
Ummm . . . the trial judge doesn't have the authority to decide a legal issue bearing on the trial? Since when? As I understand the way most court systems work the trial judge decides and the appellate judges / justices review. Of course, I guess the Supreme Court of Washington could have original jurisdiction but it seems unlikely.

(2) And the prosecutor again offers not to try to kill the Green River murderer if he confesses to some more murders.

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