21 December 2003

Police in the News:

(1) In Australia I guess voluntary intoxication is a defense. Senior Constable Francis Susan Hetherington was found not guilty of perverting the course of justice in a matter where she was too drunk to remember what she did.

(2) It looks like a grand jury investigation of Dallas County Sheriff Jim Bowles will go on at least until after the primary election.

(3) In the U.K. a policeman, Richard Jasper, took the stand to describe his confusion and anguish over being charged with rape; the jury found him not guilty.

(4) Somehow, I think being found not guilty probably didn't ease the pain of having been shot driving away from the officers.

(5) Horseback patrols around the perimeter of an airport.

(6) This is the reason that most officers (or just people who work in the courts in general) like to eat where they can see the food being made.

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