07 September 2005

Japanese Crime : China

Throw a Malatov cocktail at a Chinese Bank = 3 years, 6 months.

Mail razor blades to the Chinese consulate = 8 months probation (if you're sorry).

Heck, my clients are always sorry - maybe I should start practicing in Japan.

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Patrick McKenzie said...

You know the odds of being convicted in Japan assuming the prosecutors bring charges, right? 200,000 trials. 50 innocent verdicts. 1999 was a GOOD year for defense attourneys. Stay in Virginia, and thank God every night "Lord, I know I may have it tough, but at least I don't practice criminal defense in Japan".

I once met a local magistrate who proudly recounted that in his thirty years of service he had never, not even once, let someone go. Most magistrates don't bother bragging about it, though -- its sort of like an interior decorator bragging in the US that they've never lost a client to death by excessive use of pink.