26 September 2005

Political Hardball in the Courts

I saw this first back on Injustice Anywhere and avoided talking about it for a while because of my general aversion to putting political matters on this blog. However, there comes a point when something is just too humorous . . .

The Kentucky AG and Governor are of different parties. There's been an open state of war between the two of them with the AG indicting members of the Governor's administration for making hiring decisions based upon -GASP!!!- political reasons.

The Governor decided this was not a situation calling for a nuanced approach and he nuked the AG. He pardoned everyone in his administration whom the AG had indicted. Then, called before the grand jury himself, he took the 5th.

But wait, there's more - An employee of the Transportation Department testified against the administration. Her supervisor recommended her for a bonus specifically because she testified against the administration. The acting transportation secretary not only refused to do that, he told her: "if it were 20 years ago I probably would have come back there and socked you in the mouth."

The AG has now re-indicted the acting transportation secretary for not rewarding the employee for testifying against the administration.

You just cannot make things like that up.

Article 1, Article 2, Article 3

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