19 September 2005

LexCast 8: Is Criminal Practice What I Expected?

Well, for this LexCast I tried something different. I filmed it at my apartment. Various pets wander in and out while I'm filming and one cat gets very insistent about being let out (you'll hear him meowing and, when that didn't work, see where he actually started bumping the tripod for the camera).

Anyway, it was an experiment. I like the look of it (mostly) but the sound is terrible. Next time I'll have to bring my clip on mike home and use it.

The video is here. The audio is available over at Odeo which can be gotten to by clicking LexRadio in the column to the left.


Mike said...

I'm watching it now. I like it.

Tim said...

Regarding you latest video, you did a great job. I think you have a talent for this, keep it up, next stop - court tv (seriously, no seriously, i really mean it, no I am not kidding, please, its good, now go do some more, and more of the cat too). BTW: I appreciate your taking the time to do this blog, its enjoyable.