11 September 2005

New Zealand: Terrorist Police Recruit?

"Police have rubbished allegations a man who was almost recruited as an officer was linked to the terrorists responsible for the Bali bombings."

As an aside - Here in the States we need a term which is the equivalent to "rubbished." This is a cool phrase that's used throughout all the Commonwealth nations. Hereabouts, our papers merely report that our politicians "deny" things. I can't really think of what we could use here that carries the same meaning and impact. Our nearest related term would be "trashed", but that carries a different connotation (destroyed - i.e. "We trashed their rugby team.") The nearest I can think of in meaning is "pooh-poohed", but that just look silly as a headline on the Washington Post.



Pleader said...

"Derided", "refuted", "rejected" would all fit the bill in the right context. Depends on the context.

What's this with a mention of rugby? How educated! The All Blacks are known to "crush" their opposition (though rarely the Wallabies in recent times).

Ken Lammers said...

Once upon a time I was a right prop.