06 October 2006

If you go to a gym . . .

. . . put a lock on your locker.


markm said...

Uh Ken, the article says the thieves cut the padlocks from the lockers.

But it also says the thieves ran up thousands in credit card bills before the victims noticed their cards were missing. Does that mean that men came back into the locker room, found their padlocks cut off, and didn't realize that they'd been robbed? Or that the thieves could max out a card in half an hour?

Ken Lammers said...

Oops. That's what I get for reading something a couple days back and posting it today.

You could get the money out of the card quickly by running to the shopping center down the road. If you were really sophisticated you could grab the wallet and run out to a buddy in the parking lot sitting with a fired up portable computer and wireless internet and order a bunch of things that way.