06 October 2006

Louisville Law walks away from its mission

Louisville Law School has had a night school since the 50's for those who cannot go to school during the day. Now it appears as though it's trying to drop the program kind of on the sly. The Courier-Journal caught them at it.

The excuses given? The night time hours are needed for research. About half the night time students would prefer to go to school during the day. Declining interest.

The real reason? It's pretty obvious this is about ranking and reputation (which is, of course, denied). If you have a night school you aren't perceived as being as a superior school.

Because, y'know, it'd be a shame if an urban school was actually concentrating on giving people who work a chance to go to law school instead of worrying about how high it's ranked by a magazine.


KyProsecutor said...

Mr. Lammers,

I check your blog from time to time. I'm a prosecutor in KY who went to night school at U of L (but I went undergrad to UK--GO CATS). I started in the day division and switched to nights so I could help my wife pay the bills during law school. I'm firmly behind keeping the night school and so are a number of much more influential alumni who killed this movement the last time it was brought up.

Mitch Mobley said...

I hate to hear that. My Dad decided to go to law school in his early thirties, and as the major breadwinner with three young kids, managed to continue his long hours as a self-employed CPA and get his law degree only by virtue of driving an hour each way to attend the night program. As you say, it affords working people the opportunity to attain a better quality of life that they otherwise wouldn't have. Shame on them.