19 December 2006

Police Grab a Camera

Anybody know the full story on this? The video we're shown is obviously done as a propaganda piece, feeding anti-police truthiness. However, it's also obviously got a core of real truth to it.

Why were they after this particular camera? They weren't after the guy for trespassing and there were obviously other, high quality cameras filming. In fact, it should have been obvious that they had a crowd full of people waiting with baited breath to catch them doing something wrong on camera. The actions taken make no sense. If you were furthering a repressive, right wing conspiracy against the press you'd arrest the guy and take his film while he was in jail or you'd try to round up all the cameras.

As best I can figure it, one guy lost his head and the others followed his command. Any other theories?

via Amanda Congdon on ABC

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

just typical nypd, they do this alot, or if they cant grad the camera they try and knock it out of hands .
it sure makes for good footage on utbe, better in the courts when the police say the found the camera, it was abandoned property