15 December 2006

Violent Sexual Offenders Shan't Be Allowed in Schools Anymore

And the scary part of that statement is the word "anymore."


Anonymous said...

What's really interesting is that "violent" sex offenders were never knowingly allowed "in schools". Its really too bad that we can't stop a person from becoming "violent sex offender" before they earn the label. Why is it that so many "new" violent sex offenders are being created? So tell me how the laws stop the new ones?

markm said...

Or perhaps the scariest part is, "students themselves would also be exceptions." That is, adults with a record as a violent sex offender can't even pick up or drop off their kids, but younger rapists can roam the halls until they graduate.

One question is how "violent" sex offender is defined for this law. In some states, skinny-dipping can get you on the sex offender registry - does skinny-dipping and fighting with the cops get you called a "violent sex offender"?