11 September 2007

Accidently Poisoning an Officer

An officer arrested a McDonalds worker after she "spilled" so much salt on his hamburger that it made him sick.

I don't know if it's provable, but we all know why the officer arrested her. Officers and criminal attorneys get paranoid about where they eat. As recently as yesterday I was warned not to get food from restaurant X and last week I stopped going to my favorite breakfast place because of one person now employed there (the same sort of thing used to happen when I was a defense attorney). If you ask around, I pretty much guarantee that you can scare up stories about offender Smith working at restaurant X and putting stuff in food meant for an officer or attorney.


Flash Gordon said...

I've read of this phenomenon in Police Magazine and American Cop. Remember that Jesse Jackson has proudly admitted that when he once worked in a restaurant he would spit in the food being served to white people, cop or not.

It is a special sort of depraved cretin who would intentionally serve adulterated food to anyone and they deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law when caught. Unfortunately, it must be difficult to catch them and prove the case. They know that and exploit it.

Anonymous said...

I find the claim that the cop got sick from an overly salted burger unbelievable (unless he had some pre-disposing medical condition). That would have to be a whole heap of salt, not just salted a little heavily - and the taste would be extremely noticeable.