14 September 2006

CL Radio - Lie & Deny

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Lie and Deny

Sex Crime Registration for all (or not)

Drunk at the scene of the accident (the officer)

Terrorist conviction for anti-animal cruelty website

Baltimore Police Reassignment

Should minors be cuffed in court?

4 year case and a bogus attorney


Anonymous said...

"You were dealing with an emergency," Judge Louis Bidois told Jonathan Erwood.

"You had to make a snap decision, effectively on the hoof."

Of course we know that this judge would give the same consideration to a citizen, right? Right?

Mitch Mobley said...

Welcome to Wise County, Ken. I saw you at the Bar meeting today, but didn't get a chance to introduce myself. I ran across your blog awhile back via a link on Steve Minor's blog and have read it regularly since. As a fellow Central Kentucky native, I enjoyed your bourbon analysis, but am very disappointed that you commit the "sin" of cutting Blanton's. Good luck with your new gig.

Pleader said...

4 - 5 years jail for advocating harrassment of animal torturerers (albeit, those who are legally so (one presumes))! That is amazing and scary because, if true, supports the assertions made at time that anti-terror laws were brought in that the prime use of these laws will be to stifle dissent (beyond that which merely says 'I don't agree') and curtail the expression of activist viewpoints. In other words, the prime target wasn't 'terrorists' as most of us understand the term, but OUR civil liberties and right to organise effective dissent. Just my view...