10 September 2006

Well, I said I'd be back on the 10th and I'm here. Thanks to Daniel, Steve and Tom for keeping things running while I was gone and I hope ya'll know you're welcome to keep posting.

Today starts with a new episode of CLTV which you can access by clicking on the CLTV symbol above or the one in the right column. Not much legal in there; it's just the interesting stuff I've run across in my move 8 hours to the west and an introduction to KUDZU.

And now I disappear for a couple more days as I travel up North where I, once again, won't have internet access for a couple days. The reason for the trip while I'm just getting settled in and really don't have the money? It involves cats and ruined suits . . . Don't ask.

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Windypundit said...

Hey Ken, I just found the time to watch your video. Congratulations on the new homestead.

I saw one of those Army Hummers around here not too long ago and grabbed a couple of photos.

That's a nice area you've settled in, I used to visit there when I was a kid. I got kin all over them parts. If you should find any Draughns or Isoms in your files, I'd appreciate it if you went easy on 'em. They can't help it.