27 September 2006

Officer Down

Deputy Robert Green, of Powhatan County, Virginia, died in a car chase while pursuing a man who fled from a roadway checkpoint. I had cases with Deputy Green a few times. He was a decent guy and will be missed.

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Anonymous said...

The person that is being charged with murder was "miles" away from where the accident occured. If a police officer gives chase and is not in sight of the vehicle he is chasing, why should the person being chased be charged with murder? He was nowhere near the accident. He did not cause the accident. This was very unfortunate but not the fault of the person fleeing. Unfortunately, the police officer lost control of his car and did so on his own. I understand why the officers and prosecuting attorney would like to blame the person fleeing, that's a natural part of grieving, you assign blame but I believe this charge of murder oversteps the bounds of the prosecuter and that person may be wasting a lot of the towns resources by persuing this charge.
If I were an attorney on a TV show, I may even call this prosecutorial misconduct.