11 September 2006

Never Forget...

I know that Ken doesn't allow any "political" postings here, but I truly believe that today's remembrances should be non-partisan. I also know that there's not much chance that anyone who reads this blog would ever "forget" the events of September 11, 2001, but I felt it necessary to post a reminder for posterity.

Its been five years since the savage attacks on our nation, and regardless of your personal and/or political affiliations, today is a day of reflection. Even though we will all be inundated with media images of the carnage and destruction of that fateful day, try to take a moment to remember the good.

Remember the way we banded together.
Remember the way we felt as a nation.
Remember the unprecedented heroism of average people.

Remember all of these things.
Never forget.

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Windypundit said...

A bunch of bloggers have posted tributes to the victims as part of the 2996 Project. The main project site is currently down under the load, but I salvaged the list out of the Google Cache, and I'm re-hosting it here: