03 September 2006

Justice- The "Post-Katrina" Way...

Think you've got it tough? Court delays? Long dockets? Missing witnesses? Cramped, outdated facilities?

Check out how they're doing things down in New Orleans in the midst of the reconstruction efforts!

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Anonymous said...

Gee, the defendant sits up against the prosecutor? The jury is so close they can hear every sharp breath, they can smell the defendant?

Take a trip to Charles City County. Visit the (old) Circuit court.

The judge sat behind and above the jury. No making faces to influence the jury. The plaintiff and defendant sit elbow to elbow. The witness sat so close to the jury that they could see every wince and trickle of sweat.

I'd rather we all go back to the Charles City way. I think the people hwo designed that courtroom knew a lot more about trials and human nature than the little gnomes who design courtrooms today.