02 April 2007

Around the Web

1) Now, I'm not a fan of cock fighting, or dog fighting, or bear baiting, or even boxing, but I gotta say I wonder if the cocks raised to fight are living much worse lives than the chickens I've driven behind which are stuffed in trucks so tight they can't move on the way to the butcher. Are we being hypocritical when we enjoy that meal from Lee's, KFC, or Popeyes and we fuss about cock fights?

2) I don't care how crowded your car is, you can't stow two of the kids in the trunk.

3) Who should get more time in prison the guy who was quicker on the draw or the guy who was slower?

4) The lesson here? Civic involvement by elementary school kids is not welcome.

5) Ummm . . . There might be something more valuable to steal at a platinum mine.

6) Because criminals are so effectively stopped by beams of light . . .

7) That's not the purpose of the drive up window.

8) A strip club in New York getting extorted by the Mob. Isn't that like pointing out that it rains in the rain forest?

9) More New Orleans defendants ordered freed from jail.

10) If your husband comes home while you're having sex with your boyfriend and you scream "Rape!", guess who gets the murder charge?

11) Cool! If the judge brings his dog to court that means I can bring mine too. Right?
link via SW Va Law

12) Being a State senator must be nice - especially if you can get paid for 3 jobs without ever showing up for a day of work.

13) And here's the big story of last week (although not really crimlaw): students suing because their papers are being used in their entirety without their permission (and, according to the Buzz Report PodCast, they even copyrighted the papers before turning them in).

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