23 April 2007

Around the Web

1) There's a reason that car-surfing is stupid - for the driver as well.

2) Is Venezuela putting up a balloon to track drugs or to become Big Brother?

3) Showing your ass in court.

4) What happens when the police catch their lab faking drug tests?

5) Shooting the judge and asking to get killed.

6) Story 1 - It was a dungeon he built to keep girls captive. Story 2 - The girls stole drugs from the hole where they were hidden and told the police they were raped because they were scared he would hurt them for stealing it. Which would you believe?

7) Ummm . . . When you work at a jail and get an court order via fax from a grocery store with spelling and grammar errors - you might want to think twice before you let the prisoner go.

8) If you are a policeman and steal money during a raid you might want to dump the money somewhere before your supervisor orders all the people who participated searched.

9) Milwaukee going down hill fast - "aggravated assaults are up 86 percent in Milwaukee."

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