11 April 2007

Beware the Bat

I was looking for something else and found a fan made trailer for the very first Batman movie ever made.

It brought to mind my favorite fan film, another Batman genre trailer, Grayson. It is great and I suggest actually going to Untamed Cinema and downloading the video to watch it instead of the YouTube copy. Just imagine this story if DC bought it and got someone like Industrial Light and Magic to do the effects. They'd probably have to trim it a little as I suspect that all the plotlines which are suggested by the trailer would take at least three hours to play out, but at core it is an very good concept.

And, finally, I include this video solely for Steve (possibly the world's biggest Batman fan). It's a pirate video of the a trailer for the next Batman movie. It's primitive because they haven't added any of the special effects in yet, but I knew Steve would want to see it anyway (and maybe so will some of you).

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Steve Armstrong said...

I loved the Grayson trailer... their whole site is great. And, you're right- if only a big studio could/would adapt the story, it would be the coolest. Well, the coolest for a "big-nerd" like me!