19 April 2007


1) A father scalds a kid to death and it keeps out her claims of rape against mother's boyfriend. Now he'll get sentenced for the murder.

2) A guy dug out and built a room under his house so he could keep his rape victims captive there.


martin said...


Terrible story, but do i understand it correctly that the mother's boyfriend was accused of the rape while the father, who seems to have been instrumental in the accusation, is now accused of killing the girl? Under those circumstances I think it is quite understandable that the rape case can no longer be properly proven ... or disproven. Assuming the boyfriend may well be innocent, how can he ever get his reputation back?
As is so typical, the news story makes it sound like the guy is guilty as sin and getting off on a technicality.

Ken Lammers said...

You're right. I misread and will correct.