09 April 2007

Around the Web

1) Richmond police are arresting people who cam from NYC. Not really shocked by that. I represented any number of people who came to the Richmond area from NYC or New Jersey. They were the ones who were absolutely shocked that Virginia would expect them to actually serve time in prison on their 17th felony.

2) Apparently they're trying to outlaw spanking in New Zealand and the organizations pushing it are starting to feel the backlash.

3) A man who is lucky to be alive gets 16 years in prison (that many drugs that fast and he's lucky that the only thing he did was regurgitate).

4) Your pretend gun doesn't work too well when the store owner has a real one.

5) On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Kentucky will hear a "suicide by court" case.

6) Risk your own life. But if you kill a kid you deserve the maximum punishment.

7) Y'know, we don't use Craigslist around here much, so I never knew about the teenage hookers.

8) Hey! All that grading stuff was supposed to end when edumication were finished - ain't no Supreem Coort Judge gonna grade me (probably because I doubt I'll ever see the inside of the court building).

9) I think my biggest worry in elementary school was not letting the teacher catch me cutting line. These kids have raised it to an entirely new level. I'm not even sure I would have known how to when I was that age.

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Steve Armstrong said...

In reference to story #9, In the 5th grade, I still thought "French-Kissing" was gross... I couldn't imagine doing THAT!