15 September 2004

Around the Blawgosphere

1. Waddling Thunder gets kicked off a jury. As to why? Hmmm . . . Probably the side which struck didn't want somebody who would stick too tightly to the law (instead of deciding things based on perceived equity).

2. Singing Loudly decries the abuses of the pretext stops.

3. For some reason the 8th Circuit thinks police shouldn't be able to cuff someone to a chair and interrogate him for 90 minutes while screaming at him and kicking his chair. Even if they read him Miranda rights afterward. Next thing you know they'll be ruling out thumbscrews.

4. Should the federal courts pay the appointed attorney for the 50 calls from the Defendant's mom?

5. Blonde Justice just has one request: "Please know your attorney's name!"

6. Well, we know what the people trying to hire Bryan Gates are looking for in a lawyer. BTW, if you are going to show hot women in their bras those of us with glasses need bigger pictures.

7. For some reason Public Defender Dude thinks a baseball player might get a break in court. It's the American League - who cares? Outside of watching to see what new and creative ways Boston can self destruct is there any reason to pay attention to a league which would stoop to using "designated hitters?"

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Tom Lincoln said...

Ken - I think the Court should never pay for mama's calls to counsel. Instead they should pay counsel for a jury trial, and waste their own time in what may amount to a slow motion change of plea. The title of the post, after all is Penny-wise, pound-foolish!