12 September 2004

Drugs in the News

1. Farmers turn meth users pink.

2. And here's a shocking news item: A homeless guy uses the money he begs to buy drugs. Whodathunkit. But at least his panhandling was legal:
Officers also found a city-issued solicitation permit on Farr that allowed him to legally collect money on medians in Durham.
3. Perth is getting inundated with cocaine.

4. NE Scotland is getting hit with an influx of crack, but "they're winning the drugs war."

5. A mother whose baby died while she "cruised the city, trying to sell sex and buy crack cocaine" gets 8 years in prison.

6. "A woman has pleaded guilty to delivery of cocaine to a minor: the child in her womb."

7. Crack makes a guy whack.

8. Putting the heroin in your shoes doesn't shield it from the airport's x-ray machine.

9. Trying to treat a gambling addiction with the same drug as heroin addicts get?


Anonymous said...

More durgs in the news: http://www.hollandsentinel.com/stories/100698/new_amish.html

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Two Amish men pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring to sell cocaine to fellow members in a case that threw a spotlight on how modern-day problems are encroaching on the sect's simple way of life....

Prosecutors said that from 1992 to 1997, the two men bought cocaine from a Philadelphia-area motorcycle gang called the Pagans, then sold the drugs to Amish youth. ...

Ken Lammers said...

Just when you think you've seen it all . . .