03 September 2004

Video Blog Entry

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is my first attempt at a video blog entry.

I apologize for the words emblazoned across the video. I have to convert the .asf files which my video recorder creates into a more workable format and this is the program I am trying out. I assume if I buy it the statement will go away. Not sure I will buy it though, as you see in the beginning the conversion of motion did not work very well.

However, I am impressed so far with windows movie maker. I'm sure there are more advanced programs out there but for the moment it seems to do everything I need.

My video camera is a Samsung SCD107. It's a nice, basic camera and I'm still learning to use it. You'll notice that the auto white balance did not work too well at least in one section. Since filming this I've discovered that white balance can be done manually but I've yet to try it.

As well there are certain filming tricks I'm going to have to relearn so that sections don't start too early or cut off parts but hopefully that will all get more polished as I go along (assuming I try this again).

Hopefully it's not too painful.


Mike said...

Definately go with the video blog. That was very cool. I expect other blawggers will follow suit. Damn, I'll be trying to figure it out tonight.

So is your firm website up yet? That would be a great addition to your law site, imho.

Matt said...

Very cool, Ken! Love the war hammers! Do you plan to get a new one for each jury trial? (Ever had to use one to fend off a disgruntled former client? If you were a domestic relations practitioner I'd assume they were for fending off the disgruntled spouses of clients . . . )


Ken Lammers said...

The war hammers are for absolute victory in a jury and/or some other hard fought victory. No, I've never used them against a client but you will notice that they are behind me so that no one can get to them before I can.

Litigator said...

Very nice work, Ken. The video is very sharp and very clear. The file size was pretty big (22.5mb), but it downloaded in no time. Keep toying with the software, I'm sure you can get the sound right.