29 September 2004

Bizarro World

Kobe Bryant's defense team sought to seal the record in Colorado v. Bryant. The prosecution demurred:

[Mark Hurlbert] recently said evidence and documents in the case should be released, saying the public's interest in reviewing actions and decisions by prosecutors and the judge outweighed Bryant's privacy concerns.
Isn't it ironic that now the defense wants to hide the record, while the prosecution moves for full disclosure? Where now are the prosecution's cries to protect the accuser's privacy?

I also saw that the prosecution's spokeswoman, Krista Flannigan, is still on the state's payroll. Newsflash, guys. The criminal case is over. Do the fiscally responsible thing and trim the fat. Or, was the Kobe Bryant prosecution more about the egos of a few DA's, and less about public trust and responsibility?

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