21 September 2004

Why, oh Why?

Why does anyone schedule CLE's in October? Don't you people have homecomings?

My 20 year High School reunion (Bryan Station; Lexington, Kentucky) is the first weekend of October. Naturally, the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers1 is having its Fall CLE that Friday. I really enjoy the VACDL CLE's but I'm going Kentucky - gotta see how everyone has fared over the years.

As well, a mandatory CLE for those who want to receive court appointments in the Richmond federal district courts has been scheduled 22-23 October. Be there or be shut out. Of course, those are the exact days Centre College's homecoming. And my fraternity's dinner is scheduled to have Senator McConnell speak (you know, the majority whip). This is a tough call. I haven't had a federal clerk calling to ask me to take a case for a while. Once I got on the list I got just enough cases to sorta get a feel for what I was doing and then . . . nothing. And there are all sorts of people who have been in federal practice much longer than I who feel they are being frozen out since the PD's office was put in place. It's a tough call. I really, really want to go to homecoming but the feds pay well enough that I can actually pay my bills if I catch a few cases. Aaaaarrrrggggg!!!!!!

1 Gack!#! What a name. Well, ya'll can't blame me. I voted to keep the far classier Virginia College of Criminal Defense Attorneys. After all, isn't it better to be collegiate rather than merely associated? Apparently not (I was badly outvoted).

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