23 September 2004

Around the Web

1. Heck, if she was billing $650 a hour why did she even bother to get a legal degree?

2. I think it's mandatory that each law student discovers Mayo v. Satan and His Staff.

3. The 2d Circuit holds that bans on the use of computers aren't ripe for appeal until after the prison sentence has been served.

4. The Socratic method, a good way to cram a year's worth of education into three years.

5. Is the Fighting Fourth using en banc hearings in order to get particular results rather than following the law?

6. Answering law students' questions concerning intent.

7. If you can't find a crime here export the problem to Saudi Arabia.

8. Levi advertising during kidnappings?

9. Bite him in the neck and knee him in the OUCH.

10. Cop Talk: Do you know what an unloaded gun is? A paperweight.

11. Holy Cow!!!! There's a liberal at the Fighting Fourth?!?!?

12. Is mailing fake anthrax a "communication containing any threat to injure the person of the addressee"?

13. Screaming Bean adresses the most important matter in the 3L year: women with skirts that are too short and are commando. I may have gone to the wrong law school.

14. Who cares if the jurors are using cocaine and selling drugs during the trial?

15. What type of memory?

16. I'm safe. But wait a sec . . . I don't own a horse. Maybe I can hook my dogs up to a small cart and let them pull me home?


Tom Lincoln said...

Ken, I'm sorry about the post (see item 16), but you caused the misunderstanding. See http://crimlaw.blogspot.com/2004/08/mans-best-friend.html

Ken Lammers said...

Yes, well, umm . . .

Actually the horse was a "loaner" which my dog commandeered in order to get me home.