14 June 2005

Around the Web

1) Breyer wants to get rid of peremptory challenges. Once upon a time I would have agreed. However, then I tried a couple juries and experienced the phenomenon of jurors who answer all the questions correctly and stare hatefully at your client the entire time. How else am I to get that juror off the jury?

2) Should jury acquittals be required to be unanimous?

3) Mothers never believe their sons could have done anything. However, when your son's attorney calls and tells you to tell him to stop trying to kill that same attorney maybe a call to Junior is in order.

4) In the depths of a jury murder trial.

5) 144 people swept up in a cock fight.

6) Smuggling fish in a skirt.

7) Now I know why so many of my motions don't succeed, I haven't been using the correct "Hello" format.

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