16 June 2005

An intern at a PD office comments on the "real lawyer" comments he's heard.

Actually, I've heard more often the "paid lawyer" comment. Because, as you all know, I'm independently wealthy and just do defense work as a way to pass the time (trips to Monaco have just become soooo boring).

Link via Skelly.


Anonymous said...

I will note that I know of at least one bad PD. He is the father of a very close friend. Since he is still practicing, I'll only note that this is in PA.

He regularly pleas people out becuase it is easy, and laughs about it at the dinner table. He's talked about a nod-and-wink agreement with the DA, and mentioned how that makes everything easier.

I think he's a bad actor; not indicative of PDs, at all. But I feel it must be said that they're out there.

Anonymous said...

"Real lawyer" is the common usage here in Central Illinois.