20 June 2005

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Virginia Law

I just wanted to take a second to welcome Brian to the study of Virginia law.

One of my professors described Virginia law by telling this story: He had moved to Virginia from New York1 several years earlier and was at some meeting which was discussing what changes should be made to Virginia's trust and estates laws. There was a motion to do away with some sort of tenancy which no one used and - as far as anyone could tell - no one had ever used. The motion looked like it was going to carry the day, but then a gentleman stood up and said, "I don't believe that something which Mr. Jefferson wrote into our laws should be removed." The tenancy remained part of the law by an overwhelming majority vote.

I'm actually shocked that they are merging chancery and law. What's next - a statutory criminal code?

1 Sometimes I wonder if there are any people left in New York / New Jersey when I look around and realize how many have moved down here. It causes inflated real estate prices but it also means that some good restaurants open up.


Mister DA said...

There's a lot (make that A LOT) of people in New York, let alone New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken. I had justified learning all of the old stuff because I was going to be using it for the next 40 years in practice.

Then with this latest news, looks like after I finish the bar exam in July, I will only get to use it a few more months.

Oh well, at least I can say I was one of the last students who had to learn the old ways.