05 June 2005

One of my clients did this too.

My client didn't admit to making drugs. He was trying to get a court appointed lawyer and when the judge asked him how he made a living he answered: "Well, I guess since I'm charged with bank robbery in three counties, I must be a bank robber."


Anonymous said...

I had a client who was trying to tell the judge why he shouldn't have his plea agreement negated and get a higher sentence because of an arrest he picked up between plea and sentencing. There were nuggets such as:

"I was just smoking marijuana... if that's wrong, then I'm wrong"


"I knew I had to come here today and I didn't want to get into trouble, so I took the coke from him (co-passenger) and hid it, cause I knew you'd be mad and I didn't want to get into trouble."


Anonymous said...

My personal favorite...

A fellow listed "Biological Lab Subject" as his occupation on the application for court appointed counsel.

Upon questioning by the Judge, he elaborated that he answered ads in the paper to volunteer for studies at the local medical school and that he had just been accepted to a study that would "save us all".

Oh yes, I was appointed and he was granted a stay at our local hospital-not the one he had chosen however!