22 June 2005

Time to Pony Up the Money

For anyone out there who might be a Centre alumnus / alumna it's time to get the checkbook out.

Here's the cool site they set up to remind us and tug at our heart strings.

If anybody else out there wants to give money to an outstanding college, I'm sure they won't turn your money away.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't mean to insult you, at all. But I'm very pleased I paid for my own education at a school not completely infested with frats, and I am not beholden to anything, other than my student loans. I realize that cuts me out of some games. Sounds cheaper to me, but I realize I'm very short sighted about politics and whatnot.

Ken Lammers said...

Well, I didn't go to Centre for the fraternities. I went to Centre because it has an amazing academic reputation. It also has real grading; the school is not afraid to fail people. 25% of people who started when I was there didn't finish and they would give you all sorts of excuses but the reality is that most couldn't keep up academically. One thing that really impressed me was the 3 class policy - most professors failed you if you missed more than three of their classes. Excuses were allowed after 3 misses but sport and fraternity participation were both explicitly listed as not valid excuses. I think about 1/2 my graduating class went on to advanced studies with law being the largest percentage (20%). Word was that a number of graduate schools added .5 or more to a GPA if the student came from Centre (people claimed UK bumped an entire point but I have doubts). I know that when I was a senior at Centre I was being recruited by law schools.

It's an amazing school and it actually scares a number of kids away because of the difficulty level. Why go to Centre when you can go to any number of grade inflated public or private schools where you don't have to work so hard and can still have a transcript which looks impressive? The answer I come up with is that it is a challenge and I know I earned every bit of my GPA and class rank.

I also saw how well those Centre grads who went to my law school did. When I was a 3L there were 4 of us (2 X 2L's & 2 X 3L's). Two were on the law review, I wrote and co-administered the moot court problem as part of our moot court board and the 4th Centre grad (a 2L) already had a federal clerkship lined up after he graduated, wrote the top moot court brief, and was going to take my place on the moot court board after I graduated.

I also owe Centre for the money it came up with so that I could attend. I was given a healthy amount of aid and when the Commonwealth of Kentucky cut off a grant I depended on to pay tuition (because I declared a Religion major) Centre stepped up and assumed every bit of that.

So, yes, I am a partisan and think that my undergrad deserves every bit of support I can drum up.