09 June 2005

Readers per Month

I never thought I was one of the big dog bloggers (like How Appealing). However, over time I've gotten to the point where I though that this blog was getting a respectable number of readers.

Then comes the information that an antitrust blog is getting 50,000 readers a month. In perspective, my blog had that number of hits over about the last six months and the biggest month of all I had about 10,500 readers. My readership has been on a slow but steady rise over time so that I currently average probably somewhere between 400-450 readers per day on a weekday and about 200 per day on weekends. Again not How Appealing numbers (it got 6,000 readers yesterday), but I kinda thought it would be out front of an antitrust blog. Yeeesh.

via Crime & Federalism

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123txpublicdefender123 said...

Antitrust law is fascinating! Which is why I quit practicing it and became a public defender.

If it makes you feel any better, your site is responsible for around 25% of the referrals to my site, which I greatly appreciate.