21 June 2005

I understand the basic impulse even if I cannot agree with following it.

Just so Tom can see it in print: If found guilty, I have no problem with sentencing him to life in prison without possibility of parole.

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Anonymous said...

I just posted this over there:

I oppose the death penalty because the criminal justice sytem has been wrong on too many occasions for my sense of morality to accept. I understand that others feel differently. DNA testing has freed many many falsely convicted people. We can't give them back the time we as a society wrongly took from them, but at least we didn't take it all. What technology will be next? We're getting better at correctly spotting those who are truly guilty, but we aren't there yet.

Perhaps this doesn't apply in this case. But any exception tends to expand over time (as, I'm sure, Mr. DA can tell you about the 4th and traffic stops).