22 May 2004

More Shenanigans in the Martha Trial

Yet another reason to overturn the Martha trial. The Defense is no doubt almost giddy and the prosecutor absolutely incensed.
Perhaps most helpful to defense lawyers, though, are statements that the complaint attributes to Mr. Stewart in which he criticized the analysis of the ink on the document. According to the agent, before he testified Mr. Stewart privately told one employee at the Secret Service's Forensic Services Division that the analysis was improperly completed; after the trial he told an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that if anyone were to accuse him of perjury, it could be related to "covering for" another employee.
You have to respect the fact that the prosecutor brought charges. Still, the article makes it seem as though the prosecution knew during the trial:
Mr. Stewart also testified that he knew that two employees who worked under him in ink analysis were working on a book that would contain a chapter on a certain type of ink analysis. In fact, according to prosecutors, he did not know about the book at the time that he testified and said so — after he appeared on the witness stand.

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