15 September 2004

Out & About

1. You know that the DUI laws are out of control when the Cato Institute tells you thing have gone overboard.

2. Does anybody really believe that Laura Bush sold drugs? She just doesn't seem to have the killer instinct to run a criminal enterprise. Now the Silver Fox on the other hand . . .

3. No, you cannot have a bond to go get some.

4. Police officers aren't allowed to make their kids hit themselves. I thought only older brothers did this?

5. In some cases it might just be easier to give the waitress a tip.

6. Stealing a toupee?

7. Nothing to do with law: this is strange.


Anonymous said...

Re: No. 2 and instinct

see this http://snopes.com/politics/bush/laura.asp

how odd

Ken Lammers said...

A stupid driving mistake by a teen causes a needless death. No, that's just a tragic error I'm sure she's spent her life regretting.

Ken Lammers said...

Momma Bush on the other hand . . .

Who do you think was really running the CIA? Doesn't George the Elder strike you as just a little too laid back and patrician for the job? Somebody had to making the stone cold decisions.