01 May 2007

What Do I Make of This?

So, I walk into the bank yesterday to conduct some business. I walk up to the teller and in the course of taking care of some matters she asks to see my ID. I pull out my wallet and hold it up with the driver's license showing. On the other side of the fold is my badge. The lady takes one look at the badge and says "Oh, I knew you worked for the county, but you look like such a gentle man, I figured you were a teacher. You have to be mean some times to be a prosecutor."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's because there are so many ridiculous laws that really shouldn't be laws at all. Drug laws come to mind. Do you prosecute drug laws? Then you are mean. If you weren't you wouldn't be able to stomach messing up people's lives and tearing apart their families with those ridiculous, futile, pointless laws.

Ken Lammers said...

I'm not particularly upset about being perceived as doing mean things as a prosecutor. I doubt that anyone who has done the job well has not been thought to be mean by someone.

I was more struck by the gentle man and teacher part of the comment. Not sure what triggered those assumptions (not that I would mind being a teacher, but it's too late for that option).

Windypundit said...

Sounds like she had a nice opinion of you. Was she attractive? Maybe you should have reassured her that you could be gentle when the time was right and then asked for her number?

Tom McKenna said...

Ken, you are indeed a big old softy... but I know you're also a pit bull in the courtroom when the need arises.

Anon-- get a life dude, not everything revolves around your fascination with getting high.

Ken Lammers said...


She looked like your basic grandmother type so no luck there.

Anonymous said...

Hmm Ken, judging by the pictures of you I've seen, you do indeed look kind of, er.. shall we say 'imperturbable'. Looks can deceive, I'm sure.

Tom, I'm equally sure that your life revolves around your fascination with preventing people from getting high. Sort of your mission in life, innit?
I have often wished to debate you on some points, but I do recognise the futility of it. Both our minds are made up.