30 August 2007

20+ Years Later a Djudge Decides the Confessions were Bad

Here's something you don't hear about every day: The man confessed to the same crime twice, was found guilty by an 8 to 6 vote of the jury, and sentenced to life imprisonment. 20 years later an appeals judge lets him go.

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Anonymous said...

Not exactly "let him go". He's got some time to serve on an indecent exposure conviction, for a crime committed while he was on parole for the rape/murder. But it does mean that when he qualifies for parole on the flasher conviction (which is normally at 1 year for a 3 year sentence, if I understand the British system at all), they can't continue to hold him for violating the first parole, on the murder charge.

The news article makes it sound like he's the type that would confess to anything with a little pressure. OTOH... Does anyone know the statistics for how often flashers turn into rapists?