02 October 2007

Police Not There to Terrorize Your Child

Please don't do this.


Anonymous said...

No, *do* make your child fear the police. Teach them to be good, mostly because they should be good, but also to help them lessen their contact with the police.

Once you get "big," or are an older juvenile, the police (with exceptions, of course in all my examples), are not your friend. They are there to arrest you. They are their to hurt you, often at the slightest of provocation. The police are there to fabricate charges against you, and unless there is a video proving your innocence, the police will probably hurt you with a conviction.

Most cops I'm familiar with call minors "juvenile delinquents" when talking among themselves.

They don't even have a constitutional obligation to protect us (with exceptions, such as protecting their prisoner from harm).

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. The police are not your friend.

Anonymous said...

Some Quack said:
"They are their to hurt you, often at the slightest of provocation. The police are there to fabricate charges against you, and unless there is a video proving your innocence, the police will probably hurt you with a conviction."

Nonsense. I don't know what you did to get arrested, or how you came into law enforcment contact, but you sound like a sad, angry, little man.

When one of those "juvenile delinquents" break into your house or steal your car - call the ACLU.

Anonymous said...

Yes, like this one: http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/19/1961.asp

Did you ever hear of this one?:

These are not isolated incidents, rather they are known *only* because they were "caught on tape."

And, I am a former cop who knows just how corrupt many cops are. You know nothing about me.

Also, I suggest you take a course in logic, and learn about the ad hominen logical fallacy.

Anonymous said...

No, no, I'll leave the blanket "ad hominen" attacks to you.

Your ALL COPS ARE BAD sillyness speaks volumes.

What if I posted some links to stories about blog posters who were also pedophiles? Using your flawed logic- ALL BLOG POSTERS ARE PEDOPHILES.


Anonymous said...

I can point to thousands of examples of police misconduct if I had the time. I personally know of many examples, and I don't hide behind anonymity.

I didn't say "all," which speaks volumes as to your "anonymous" comments. I said, "with exceptions, of course in all my examples."

However, as a general matter, police officers rarely "turn in" other police officers, so in that sense, I say (almost) all cops are "bad" cops.

All cops aren't bad. E.g., recently a cop in Oklahoma, in a rare instances of breaking the code of silence, reported the assault (kicking in the face) by another cop on a handcuffed homeless man. The "good" cop reported it. That man is a genuine hero. That hero is a man I'd actually trust with my children. Most cops I wouldn't trust an inch with my older children, especially when the cops, as where I live, absolutely refuse to honor minor's constitutional and statutory rights.

Anonymous said...

i Have to agree with the Q.
I have had state police contact me to help expose local corruption.
Cause they seen first hand what had been done to me personally by local authorities.

Ever notice most police officers are, well, lets say, were probably picked on in school.

So they get a job of authority and DEMAND RESPECT.

Sorry wrong answer. you are "Public" SERVANTS.

I had an officer retire when I made him understand he is a SALVE to me the man on the land.

You all are slave to the public and I will stand as one of those public members.

Anonymous said...

Well stated but against the common perception.
Perhaps the guiding criteria is when the police approach uninvited, there should be not be an expectation that their motive is to help, but rather to gain evidence for a conviction.
If the police are called to help the expectation should be higher for help rather than damage. However, the police do not have a very good record of dealing with mental illness nor with individuals that are under the influence of any mind altering substance.
The general public desperately wants security and someone they can turn to for help without doing a background check. The police promote themselves as that knight in shining armor in much the same manor as GWB want the